The linchpin of organizational health

Meetings or ceremonies?

Rarely will you find anyone with a neutral opinion of meetings, and often the opinion is unfavorable.  The view is often that meetings are generally ineffective at best, a complete waste of time in the middle, and actually destructive at worst.  And that does not bode well for success, since most organizations’ schedules are littered with meetings.

The linchpin of organizationa health - meetings or ceremonies? Mike Russell

There have been many recommendations about improving meetings over time, from the humor of the Video Arts training video “Meetings, Bloody Meetings” to Patrick Lencioni’s Death by Meeting.

In a recent blog post (, Lencioni reiterates that effective meetings are the linchpin of organizational health.  He also believes that one of the responsibilities, if not the main responsibility, of any leader is to ensure that meetings are outstanding.

But what if there is another, even more effective type of interaction beyond meetings?

My colleague Tom Meloche believes there is … ceremonies.  He is writing the book about organizational ceremonies and how to leverage them for greater success.  Launch date is not set but will be in the near future.  Sign up for updates …


By Mike Russell