How to Accelerate Business Change

Changing Work While Doing Work

Change is ever present in an adaptive business.  Adaptation is necessary to respond to external change and to innovate.

Adaptation can bring new or modified business models – strategy – of how the business sustainably delivers value.  New business models bring new or modified systems and processes to implement the models.  Adaptability requires continual learning to achieve and maintain mastery for the updated systems and processes.  Culture may also need to adapt.

In short, we must focus on and work with the total business model:


Leverage the total business success model for change - Mike Russell and Dr. Michael O'Connor

Total Business Performance® model elements by Dr. Michael O’Connor


The difficulty is achieving and accelerating adaptability without a lot of overhead.  Overhead both adds cost and reduces adaptability and responsiveness.

There is a simple solution.

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A Simple Secret to Highly Effective Organizations

We know a lot about how individuals can be effective based on motivation and productivity.  For example, Dan Pink’s book Drive demonstrates why purpose, mastery, and autonomy are key to individual motivation.  Focus is key to individual productivity.

Simple Secret to Highly Effective Organizations - Mike Russell

But what about a business, government, or other organization?  What makes them effective?

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The Carbon Monoxide of Productivity

Invisible, silent, creeping everywhere … the killer of productivity.

Do you have multitasking detectors that will sound the alarm?

Carbon monoxide alarm by Santeri Viinamäki

Carbon monoxide alarm by Santeri Viinamäki


Did you know that multitasking can reduce productivity from around 20% to totally wiping out progress?

More importantly, are you proactively preventing this insidious productivity killer?