Get an innovation jump-start

Considering new product or service development?  Responsible in any way for innovation?  Are you working with less than complete knowledge of the market?  Developing and innovating amid change and uncertainty needs the “Wrong Until Right” mindset.

A good introduction in conference form is the Lean Startup Week.  The next one is coming up during the week of October 30th in San Francisco.

DO NOT let the words “lean” or “startup” stop you from going.  The conference is really about smart innovation amid uncertainty.  The conference is relevant if you have anything to do with that.

I do encourage you to attend in person, especially if you are new to this way of thinking about innovation.  Any good conference is about more than just the conference formal sessions.  Mindset will be most visible and experienced outside the sessions.  Being around others and immersed in the “vibe” cannot be replicated via video.  Meeting others builds a network that cannot be done via video.

This particular conference also offers other benefits by attending in person.  There are other activities beyond the two “conference” days.   You can experience first-hand some innovation environments in the heart of one of the most innovative areas on the planet.  You can take tutorials and get mentoring opportunities to help accelerate your efforts.

Even better, you can still get a discount by registering by October 15th.

Travel not an option?  The good folks at Lean Startup also offer a livestream of the main conference days on November 2nd and 3rd.  No livecast location in your area?  Get at least four others together and host your own.  See – almost no excuse not to attend 🙂

I am not compensated for this nor am I a member of the conference team … it’s just a good opportunity.

Not convinced?  Send me an email and let’s discuss …

If you do attend, let me know so we can compare notes!