Warning: Do You Make These Management Mistakes?

Effective management can make or break a business.

Warning: Do You Make These Management Mistakes? - Mike Russell

The bad news:  effective managers are much rarer than we think.

The good news:  you can become a better manager.

How do you rank against the alarming statistics below?

50% of all managers do not want to manage people.

If you want to manage people, managing effectively will be easier.  You can still manage effectively if you do not want to manage people … but you must do 2 things:

  1.  Decide if you will commit to effectively managing people despite your preference otherwise.  Recognize that doing so will take more conscious effort and investment.  If you do not commit and remain a manager, you can do more harm than good for yourself and others.
  2.  Make the effort to learn how to manage effectively.  Then do so.

90% of all managers use no more than 2 of the 5 different management approaches/styles for handling situations.

This would be OK if situations only required the 2 a particular manager uses.  However, today’s work world usually calls for managers to be adept at all 5 different approaches/styles to be fully effective.

Most managers (and people overall) prefer or tend to focus either on tasks/controlling OR on people/relating in situations, rather than adapting to the situation.

What is natural to you may be easier to do, but that does not mean that is what you should do.  An effective manager knows how to handle both tasks and people-related situations.

5% of all managers consistently excel in both productivity and satisfaction – their own, co-workers, reports, customers, owners, and any other significant stakeholders.

The most alarming statistic of all.  A manager’s role is to improve productivity and satisfaction beyond what would exist if the manager was not there at all.  This statistic means 95% of all managers do not consistently do better than if they did nothing or were not there.

What can you do to improve?

  • The first step to winning any battle is understanding the situation.  You have made a start by reading this.  Next, think about your personal situation.  How do you compare against the statistics?  More importantly, how do your people rank you?  Do you really know what they think?  If not, find out!  Effective managers understand what their group is generally thinking; ineffective managers do not.
  • Plan to improve.  Target the biggest opportunity first.  List out the steps you will take and HOW YOU WILL KNOW you are making progress.  Plan a way to keep yourself honest about your progress – or lack thereof – and accountable for adjusting as needed.
  • Learn what you need to know for new habits and successful execution.  Find training that is more than just information and allows you to practice new habits.
  • Take action daily to improve.  Improving by just 1% each business day will double your effectiveness in 14 weeks!
  • Track your progress and adjust accordingly to stay on track.
  • Above all, do not become discouraged.  You don’t have to be “born a manager” to be a good one.  You just have to know what good management looks like and work toward it.  It may not be easy, but becoming a better manager is possible for many.

Need help?

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By Mike Russell


Statistics:  Dr. Michael O’Connor, O’Connor Associates