A Team Killer Lurks in Your Company

Teams continue to be a key aspect of most company organizational strategies.  A team is often needed to do more than one individual can accomplish.  Teams are also seen as an effective way to improve productivity and performance.  Most agility transformation approaches also hinge on effective teams.

Team Killer Lurks in Your Company - by Mike Russell

Unfortunately, most companies also have a team “killer” in their midst. One that is ubiquitous yet not always recognized. One that is assumed to be “status quo” yet needs major change for teams to actually work.

What is this team killer?

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Agility Transformation Requires Self-Disruption!

Agile promises revolutionary results.

quires Disruption! Mike Russell

OK – maybe not that kind of revolutionary result 🙂

Conventional wisdom says that if you change your processes to “agile,” you will achieve “enterprise agility.”  And doing so will bring revolutionary results for the entire business.  That is far too simplistic and is, basically, wrong!

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Space – The Final Frontier for Your Business?

Guest Post by Tom Meloche

Space - the Final Office Frontier? www.mikerussell.com

Does your office space resemble a black hole?


This is a guest post by colleague Tom Meloche, whose new book on organizational ceremony just came out.

It is an authorized extract – edited to remove client-specific information – from a private client communication and how to achieve the next level of agility.  The client has an agile tribe that other companies come visit for inspiration and exposure to “doing agile well.”  Every visitor drools over the tribe’s office area and the radically better “feel” it provides.

Tom, however, contends that their space … the very office area that other companies covet and the client uses as a showcase … is actually holding them back from going further in their agility journey.

Here are his thoughts:


“The facility is a nightmare.  Love, Tom.”

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