4X Training

4X Training

4X Training = up to four times (4X) the results of typical training and measurable ROI

Standard training approaches produce abysmal results ranging from basically zero work impacts to unknown or no ROI.

We can help with that.  Our approaches and programs can produce 4X the results of typical training AND measurable ROI.

The Problems with “standard” training

How to get 4X better results compared to standard training

“Standard” training has many issues that reduce effectiveness.  Here are the key ones:

  • Focus.  Providing training without context will not gain desired results and even make results worse.   Trainees need to know how the training how the training is relevant and where it fits into the big picture.  Training should not be different from or conflict with the organization’s values, strategy, and systems/processes without explanation.
  • Format.  Typical training has been lecture-centered.  Adult learners do not learn best by lecture and drowning in masses of PowerPoint slides.  We know better training methods since the days of World War II and the Training With Industry program.   Modern training seems to have had amnesia.  Until recently, corporate training has mostly ignored the tested pattern of “Prepare/Present/Try/Follow-up.”  There has been some progress.  However, many programs ignore the pattern or have poorly designed “Try” exercises.  “Follow-up” is virtually non-existent.
  • Follow-up.  The ultimate key is the “Follow-up” step.  Coaching feedback and manager involvement when back at work produce real productivity gains.  The initial training provides the foundation.  The total effectiveness and ROI come from application back on the job.  Training is more or less wasted without coaching and management support.  Yet, “Follow-up” is the area where there is the least activity and investment.
  • Facilitators.  As topics become “hot” and mainstream, “professional trainers” flock to the hot topics.  A “professional trainer” delivers packaged training well but has little experience in the subject.  The “professional trainers” credibly “Present” but have difficulty providing meaningful guidance for “Try” and “Follow-up.”  The most effective trainers facilitate well AND have some background in the subject.

Using “professional trainers” is like outsourcing your tribe …

The Solution – 4X Training

Corporate Executive Board research found training patterns that produce four times better results than “standard” training.  Other research found similar results.

The solution?  Well-designed training coupled with effective follow-on coaching and manager involvement.  A simple solution on the surface, but rarely attempted or executed well.

4X your training - Mike Russell

We build our training on these foundations:

  • Training sessions that are high in discussion and relevant simulation … no “death by PowerPoint.”
  • Structured follow-up activities and sessions to review, reinforce, and reinvigorate.  Effective training requires guidance from a coach and trying new skills and knowledge “on the job.”
  • Explicitly incorporated manager support before, during, and after training.  Training is wasted if managers do not support new habits and ways of work.
  • Positive, immediate ROI.  Several of our programs include Workplace Improvement projects as part of the follow-up process.  These projects have generated actual positive ROI by, or even before, program completion.

4X training simulation - two teams

Below are some of our most popular programs.

Peer Mentoring programs – the most effective way to bring about change

Our Peer Mentoring approach generates 4X better performance and pays for itself with positive ROI.  It was built based on extensive research and improvements from delivering many programs.  The approach also works whether you already have “in house” training or not.

  • What if you don’t have defined training or training tracks by role?  We have pre-built, recommended programs for individual performers, teams, managers, and leaders.  Our programs take the guesswork out of starting and also allow customization for your specific needs.
  • What if you already have training?  You need not get rid of your existing training.  We will help you incorporate existing training into the Peer Mentoring approach.

Business Agility Foundations

Do you want

  • business agility?
  • success despite relentless change?
  • market advantage gains?
  • successful innovation?

Business agility transformations fail for many reasons.  One big reason is businesses attempt to achieve agility without fundamental change.  Achieving business agility almost always requires fundamental business change.

Worse, fundamental change often fails due to ignoring some basics of fundamental change.

You need a profound understanding of some core principles to achieve agility.   Business Agility Foundations helps you gain that understanding.

We built the Business Agility Foundations training to help you start or restart effective change for agility.  The Foundations training helps anyone involved in bringing about effective change.  It is critical for leaders.


To get started or for more information, contact Mike Russell at tomikerussell@gmail.com, call +1.949.438.6453, or see the Peer Mentoring or Agility Foundations pages.