About Mike Russell

About Mike Russell and working with him


Mike Russell works with leaders and teams to create adaptive, successful businesses, products, and governments that can succeed despite relentless change.

As an executive he has led industry-changing product development and mission-critical operations in a range of settings and industries. For example, while the executive leading a product development group, he introduced changes that resulted in improved productivity, cut time-to-market by up to 2/3, and reduced defects by over 50% in company flagship products processing over $80 billion in financial transactions annually.

As a management advisor he helps clients ranging from start-ups to large firms at the FORTUNE® 20 level, and U.S. and foreign government departments.

Mike is the author of the book Wrong Until Right – How to Succeed Despite Relentless Change and co-authored the industry-standard guidance on using agile approaches in developing safe and compliant medical device software.  He is currently working on another book, Minimum Viable Government, about how governments can adapt in the age of relentless change.  He is also a past board member of the Agile Leadership Network and is a mentor for Lean Startup Week.


Mike loves speaking and teaching.  He does so worldwide in diverse venues including conferences, undergraduate and graduate classes in universities, and in corporate settings. He led the first webinar on agile for the Corporate Executive Board IT Leadership Exchange; and was a featured expert brought in to present at each of GE’s 1st, 2nd, and 3rd annual company agile transformation summits.

Mike Russell

Mike Russell at the Global Access 2016 Medtech Conference hosted in Galway by The Irish Medtech Association, the Ibec group that represents the medtech sector in Ireland. Photo:-Mike Shaughnessy

He understands the challenge of finding just the right speaker.  He has hired speakers and trainers as a corporate executive and also searched for the right people and mix of topics as a conference organizer.  Mike’s objective is a win-win-win relationship for you, attendees, and him.  Therefore, he will discuss with you the session goals and work to craft winning options for you.  If the event is public, he will also use his media channels for promotion.

If you need someone to encourage your team or help you achieve your event or conference goals, contact Mike via email or call him at +1.949.get.Mike (+1.949.438.6453) to get started.

Can Mike help us?

Mike enjoys helping people and organizations succeed and sharing what he has learned with those who are eager to grow.

Here are several ways you can leverage his knowledge and experience for your success:

  1. Search this site.  Insights, observations, and updates to resources are published here, along with direct links to books, articles, and other resources.  Just use the search box in the upper right-hand corner of this page.
  2. Subscribe to email updates.  Use the “Want More?” box on the upper right of the page to subscribe to email updates with no fear of spam or being pestered by someone other than Mike and the team.  By subscribing, you’ll get the latest thinking delivered straight to your inbox.
  3. Buy a book.  Direct links on here on the site.
  4. Schedule Mike as a speaker.   He has over 30 years of speaking publicly for corporations, conferences, trade associations, and even churches.  Contact Mike or see the separate speaking section for more information.
  5. Join a select group.  Mike and his colleagues also facilitate limited-access subscriptions, small learning groups, and masterminds.  These often involve access to real-world findings before available to the general public, in-progress research, and periodic group video or teleconferences.  Depending on the type of group, some face-to-face meetings and retreats are also scheduled for accelerated results and networking with like-minded peers.  If you want any of these special offerings, simply send an email inquiry.
  6. 4X your training.  Common training approaches are woefully ineffective and produce questionable ROI, if at all.  The 4X training approaches accelerate real outcomes, and the work improvement program actually produces measurable ROI as a training result.  Contact Mike about how his team can help you and your group achieve 4x better training outcomes.
  7. Hire Mike as an advisor.  One-on-one advisory and coaching can often produce superior results and faster than other methods.  However, Mike has limited time available for this level of special assistance.  Therefore, he is selective about types of engagements and clients so he can devote sufficient focus for client success.  If you think you could benefit from one-on-one interaction, contact him via email or call him at +1.949.get.Mike (+1.949.438.6453) to explore options for helping you succeed.

If you have something else in mind other than what is outlined above, feel free to send an email inquiry.

How do I join the team?

Do you want to enjoy your work, helping others succeed, and learning/growing with others and on your own?  Interested in affiliating or working more directly with Mike and colleagues?  Send an email proposal and get the conversation started …