Anyone who is fear-oriented will be change resistant.

Dr. Michael O'Connor - O'Connor Associates

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Wrong Until Right - How to Succeed Despite Relentless Change - By Mike Russell

Wrong Until Right – How to Succeed Despite Relentless Change – By Mike Russell

Business Agility 2017, the inaugural conference held in New York this week, was a great success.

Lots of energy and interest, with many participants from around the world.

Make plans to attend the next one when it is announced ūüôā

Event: Business Agility 2017

What is Agile Leadership?

Leaders are looking for ways to deal with relentless market change.  Uncertainty bred by terrorism, major political changes like Brexit and the new Trump administration in the U.S., and shifting regulatory landscapes only adds to massive change pressures.

What is Agile Leadership? By Mike Russell

How can leaders navigate through the storms of change? Interest is expanding rapidly in business agility, agile, lean startup, and variations as possible answers.  Early focus in these areas was on product processes and smaller entities like teams or startups.

As focus spreads to larger entities and entire companies, a natural question is: what is “agile leadership”? How can leaders both be agile examples themselves and lead toward agility?

There is a simple answer.

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One Month in – Is Your 2017 Plan Working?

Are things going according to this year’s original plan?

Is Your Plan Still Valid? Mike Russell

If your answer is “yes” …

Congratulations!  You have fared better than most. Most companies are in markets that have caused turbulence for the original plan.

However, a warning:¬† are you sure there are no changes needed to the plan?¬† If your company is in a changing market, following the original plan on cruise control is dangerous … like driving on cruise control with blinders on. Make sure you are leading with your eyes open.

If your answer is “no” …

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Training

Everyone wants effective training.  The trainees.  The trainers.  The business.

The problem is most doesn’t know the most important thing about typical business “training.”

What everyone ought to know about training - Mike Russell

It doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t provide the hoped-for ROI.¬† Training spending was almost $71 billion in the United States alone in 2015, according to Training magazine.¬† Standard lecture-based training has an effectiveness – at best – of 20-25%.¬† That means about $53-57 billion wasted.¬† In a single year.


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Is most of your company’s training single-event focused with little or no follow-on coaching?

If so, your training will be largely ineffective and, as colleague Leigh Quinn puts it, delivering merely “entertrainment.”

Don’t let business change be like New Year’s resolutions

Diet, exercise, and other common themes dominate most New Year’s resolutions.¬† Resolutions are fundamentally about change.

The change formula - Mike Russell

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are like a coin.¬† On one side are the plans to make personal or business changes for the next year.¬† On the other side are the many jokes about failed resolutions.

Planning is good.¬† But why do so many plans that involve change, especially New Year’s resolutions, fail?

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