One Month in – Is Your 2017 Plan Working?

Are things going according to this year’s original plan?

Is Your Plan Still Valid? Mike Russell

If your answer is “yes” …

Congratulations!  You have fared better than most. Most companies are in markets that have caused turbulence for the original plan.

However, a warning:  are you sure there are no changes needed to the plan?  If your company is in a changing market, following the original plan on cruise control is dangerous … like driving on cruise control with blinders on. Make sure you are leading with your eyes open.

If your answer is “no” …

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What Everyone Ought to Know About Training

Everyone wants effective training.  The trainees.  The trainers.  The business.

The problem is most doesn’t know the most important thing about typical business “training.”

What everyone ought to know about training - Mike Russell

It doesn’t work.

And it doesn’t provide the hoped-for ROI.  Training spending was almost $71 billion in the United States alone in 2015, according to Training magazine.  Standard lecture-based training has an effectiveness – at best – of 20-25%.  That means about $53-57 billion wasted.  In a single year.


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Is most of your company’s training single-event focused with little or no follow-on coaching?

If so, your training will be largely ineffective and, as colleague Leigh Quinn puts it, delivering merely “entertrainment.”

Don’t let business change be like New Year’s resolutions

Diet, exercise, and other common themes dominate most New Year’s resolutions.  Resolutions are fundamentally about change.

The change formula - Mike Russell

Unfortunately, New Year’s resolutions are like a coin.  On one side are the plans to make personal or business changes for the next year.  On the other side are the many jokes about failed resolutions.

Planning is good.  But why do so many plans that involve change, especially New Year’s resolutions, fail?

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Why Do Agile Transformations (Continue to) Fail?

Another Point ... and Better Question!

From a Version One email:  “Why Agile Transformations Fail – Learn why culture is the key to agile failure and success in this video with insights into the trends from the 10th annual State of Agile Report.”

That culture is the key is not surprising.  I have evangelized this for more than a decade, with clients and at Agile 2008 among other conferences.  Here is a related article:  Face Culture or Face Failure.

One of the most common issues?  Changing from control-oriented processes to those that increase individual and team autonomy is pretty much guaranteed to cause a culture clash.

There is, however, an even better question.

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If you’ll be at the Lean Startup Week or nearby, let’s connect!

Date: October 31, 2016—November 3, 2016
Event: Lean Startup Week 2016
Venue: Pier 27 and elsewhere in the bay area
Location: San Francisco, CA
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Looking forward to speaking at the Irish Medical Devices Association biennial Global Access conference!

Date: October 26, 2016—October 27, 2016
Event: Global Access 2016 Medtech Conference
Topic: What about "agile" for medical device software development? Is it permitted? Wise?
Sponsor: Irish Medical Devices Association
Location: Galway
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