Wrong Until Right

Wrong Until Right –
How to Succeed Despite Relentless Change

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Wrong Until Right - How to Succeed Despite Relentless Change, by Mike Russell

Do you find it increasingly difficult to lead in the midst of change that is relentless, disruptive, unprecedented?

What if I told you that you do not have to be at the mercy of change … that you can actually harness change for your competitive advantage!

In past markets that had low rates of change, business leaders were accustomed to making “right” decisions. Unfortunately, this is ineffective in today’s world of uncertainty. Blindly proceeding with the “right” plan increasingly turns out wrong.

To succeed, leaders must now reverse their approach from “right until wrong” to “wrong until right.” Their businesses must become more like a guided missile that is almost always incorrect and “off” to a degree in flight but continually adjusts until it reaches its always changing target. The missile is built for and pursues a “wrong until right” approach.

You can too, and this book tells you how!





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